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Saturday, March 15, 2008

A good and bad day

So we went to Todd's parents' house again today to help them fix their backyard retaining wall and fence. This winter because of the soil being very saturated, the whole thing collapsed into their neighbors yard behind them. So today everyone was hauling brick and digging brick out that had been buried by the avalanche. Ok, well, all I was doing was supervising and chasing kids. The retaining wall was about six feet high, so it's a pretty big mess. Next Saturday they will rent a backhoe to dig out more dirt and then begin to rebuild the retaining wall again and hopefully get the water in the soil problem fixed. It's a big project and hopefully it won't take all summer.
This evening we watched BYU play UNLV in the Mountain West Conference Championship. And I am sad to say that UNLV beat them by 15 points! It was sad. They were ahead at half time, but the whole second half they just had lost their steam. No one could hit any of their shots and UNLV was just lucking out on all their three pointers. Ok, I'll stop my spill on the Cougars. I know they'll be going to the NCAA tournament next week, but it makes me wonder how well they'll do. Some days they're hot and other times they are lousy. If only they could play more consistently. Wait, I thought I didn't like basketball all that much. Well, I guess watching them lose has gotten me all riled up.
I am trying to get Karsten to go bed. He doesn't believe in staying in his own bed. He thinks he has free reign of the house. All the other kids are asleep except him, which is a usual sight at our house. I am waiting on laundry to finish so I can go to bed. I will admit I am lousy at getting everything ready for Sunday. There's always something that is getting done at the last minute. And I have no idea where Dane and Karsten's Sunday clothes are. Both of the new outfits I bought them are no where to be found. So, they are just going to wear their old Sunday clothes. I wonder if they thought they wear dorky looking and trashed them when mom wasn't looking. You know how I like tapered pants and vests and loafers. hahahhahaha Well, these didn't have vests, just pullover sweaters. Red, white, and blue. So patriotic. Anyways, oh, something funny Alex did today. Apparently he couldn't find any underwear to wear this morning. So, he gets one pair out of the laundry, just one. Then he puts it the washer and washes it. Of course I didn't even know he had done this until he takes his one pair of underwear out of the washer to dry them. I'm like, you could have washed all your underwear dude! hahahahaha Well, anyways, this will end this evening's blogging. TTFN


watsonators said...

HAHAHAHA thats so funny!!!!!

Littleflame said...

Awh! Guess it was a good time to teach him how to do the laundry. Tell us how is goes. :)