"He is there not only when we cry out from the burden of sin but also when we cry out for any other reason." -Bruce D. Porter

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Size Comparison

2 lbs. ~ 13 1/2 inches long

9 lbs. 5.9 oz. ~ 21 1/4 inches long

Just thought I'd put up a post to show size comparisons between my smallest and largest babies.  If you compare my hand to the two babies, you can see.  Look at the difference between their arms and legs.  By the way, my huge baby is Dane, if you didn't know.  

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Seth!

I'd rather be a mother than anyone on earth
Bringing up a child or two of unpretentious birth...
I'd rather tuck a little child all safe and sound in bed
than twine a chain of diamonds about my [carefree] head.
I'd rather wash a smudgy face with round, bright, baby eyes
Than paint the pageantry of fame or walk among the wise.
-- Meredith Gray

Two years ago this sweet little man was born.  I can't believe how long ago it was!  He's come a long way!  So I'm not going to post his birth story because I have already posted it, but here's the link if you care to read it again: http://christinastailey.blogspot.com/2009_02_08_archive.html

Happy Birthday Seth!  I'm glad you chose to come to our family and that you have a mission to fulfill in this life!