"He is there not only when we cry out from the burden of sin but also when we cry out for any other reason." -Bruce D. Porter

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Free at Last!!!

Seth is finally home! We have escaped from the hospital and are trying to adjust to being at home. Not to mention being mauled by five older siblings! The following pictures are of Seth getting ready to come home!

On the drive home!

At home with all my brothers and sisters and Grandma and Grandpa Stailey!

We are so glad to be home and especially because we don't have to make the long trip up to the hospital anymore! Well, not on a regular basis. We still have a long list of doctors to see, but at least we are home. Seth did not pass his hearing test, so we get to see an ENT (ear, nose, throat doc) and repeat the test in a month or so. We have follow ups with the surgeon, optamologist, and endocrinologist as well. We had great doctors and nurses who took care of us during our stay and we will miss them. (Here's a shout out to Chris Malone, who I don't know will ever read this blog, but if she does, she's one heck of a nurse!) We are forever grateful to everyone who prayed on our behalf or even just kept us in their thoughts. And most importantly all praise and glory to a loving Heavenly Father who has blessed us with Seth and for carrying us through this long adventure. And so the journey continues. It's not over yet. We still have a lot to go through with Seth, but he's doing amazingly well. And so, here we go!