"He is there not only when we cry out from the burden of sin but also when we cry out for any other reason." -Bruce D. Porter

Friday, April 16, 2010


Confession #1- I like balancing the check book.  For some reason, knowing how much money we have and where it's going is empowering.  Even when we're in the red, I still enjoy it.

Confession #2- I like to go to the grocery store and see how much I can buy for as little money as possible.  Goes along great when balancing a checkbook and seeing you are in the red!  Now if I was more like my sister Sarah, I bet I could save even more.  But I'm not great at coupons and spotting deals, I'm more like a cheap chef, cheap as in inexpensive.  I'll cook everything from scratch to save a little money, even hamburger buns!

More confessions to com.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Right on Track

You know, after having five other children, you'd think I'd get this child raising thing down.  You'd expect me to know exactly what to do with a child and when they should be hitting milestones.  But alas, I regret to inform you, I am not the child expert.  So, go read a book or something.  :)  Anyways, Seth had some evaluations done on him to determine where he was cognitively, physically, fine motor, speech and language, etc.  and you know what?  He's right on track!  Take away nearly 3 1/2 months for prematurity, and he's doing everything else 18 month old kiddos are suppose to be doing.  For some reason, I was thinking he was almost a year behind.  But, he has proven me wrong, and when you see something written on paper about what they are suppose to be doing, you say, "hey, yes, he's doing this, what was I so worried about?"   Stress level has dropped significantly here. So, I've given up worrying about his hearing as well.  Come what may!  I'll know what to do as time rolls on.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Open up! Texas Rangers!

Karsten's 5th Birthday!

A little late getting this posted, but here is some pictures from Karsten's birthday!  We hope our cousin Carter had a great birthday too!  (He was born the day after Karsten.)

Making yummy pizzas for his birthday dinner.

Pretty cool number five with the candles, although it took more than five candles to make it.  This is John Woozier cake.  Karsten wanted a chocolate cake.  When it was time to eat it, all he wanted was ice cream.  Go figure.

Make a wish!

Karsten was born by an elective c-section.  Looking back, if I had been in a better state of mind, I may have chosen the less invasive measure. But that's the past and the Lord knew it would all happen that way, so I don't regret it.  My scheduled c-section was on a Wednesday but I went in late on Sunday with contractions, and so the doctor decided to deliver him early Monday morning.  Karsten was blessed to be born on his Auntie Tonnia's birthday and she happened to be visiting when he was born!  Grandpa Christensen was also here as well!  He got to drive us home from the hospital!  We had visited Uncle Warren the Sunday before he was born with Aunt Linda and I was having contractions that whole day.  We love our smart little Karsten!  Kindergarten, watch out!