"He is there not only when we cry out from the burden of sin but also when we cry out for any other reason." -Bruce D. Porter

Friday, February 5, 2010

When they cancel school, the kids will play!

Wednesday we got roughly 8 inches of snow, which cancelled school for the day. Todd helped the kids create a sledding trail or run or whatever you want to call it. We just bought some tubes and they go down the hill much faster. We love the area we live in. I know Heavenly Father helped us find this place! How much better does it get? We can go tubing in our own backyard! I went down once. After we bought the tubes I went down a couple of more times. It is lots of fun. This weekend we are getting any where from 20 to 30 inches of snow! It's crazy! We are excited to see how that will add to our tubing adventures!

Here's Emily taking a turn on the run!