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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Follow up with Dr. Berger

On Wednesday, Seth and I took a drive down to Children's National for a follow up visit with Dr. Berger for Seth's pulmonary hypertension. We were there for two hours, which was way shorter than I had expected. Seth had an EKG and an echo done. The echo showed the pressure in the pulmonary vein to be the same, maybe slightly less. The right ventricle looked smaller, though. This and the fact that Seth has way more energy and has an increased appetite was pleasing to the doctor. We are increasing Seth's meds now. He is working up to a max dose. I think we will hit max dosing on the bosentan next week. I don't think we are there with the sildenafil. Our next appointment will be at the first of April. That will be our last visit. We will be headed to Texas in May. Seth does real well during echos. He just lies there and let's them look at his heart all they want. I am glad he doesn't put up a fight. He cried a little when they had to stick the stickers all over his chest for the EKG. I think he was afraid they were going to poke him. He hates blood draws. We had to do two in one week because of a mixup. Unfortunately, Seth has to have his blood drawn every month. Poor baby.