"He is there not only when we cry out from the burden of sin but also when we cry out for any other reason." -Bruce D. Porter

Friday, October 5, 2012

We have two new babies!

Our mystery eggs have hatched! Todd dug up some eggs while he was working on the retaining wall. The kids put them in a container to watch them hatch. I was sure they wouldn't hatch because of all the handling the kids did to them. We had no idea what kind of eggs they were. We assumed snake eggs because we have snakes that live in our flower beds and out in the forest. It has been well over a month since we put them in the container. I was actually thinking of throwing the container away because nothing was happening and it is getting colder. There were three eggs I think. The kids buried the eggs in the container, but one egg near the top just collapsed. So I knew that one was no good. Well, while I was outside staining a table I built (a topic for another post), I happens to glance over at the container and noticed two baby turtles! I was afraid they were dead because I don't know when we checked it last. But I poked at one and it moved! So I put some food and water in the container. I kept an eye on them and noticed they were moving around. Anyways, I let the kids keep them until tomorrow. Then we need to let them go so they can prepare for winter. They would be fun to keep, but I already have to give away a million very fertile fish when we move, I don't want to have to worry about turtles too! Man, if those had been snakes I think I would have freaked out!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sleepy Boy

Caught Seth sleeping at the computer desk. I guess he was too busy watching one of his shows to stop to take a nap!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Karsten loses his first tooth!

Karsten finally lost his first tooth! About a month ago, Karsten noticed that his bottom two teeth were starting to get a little wiggily! But, I suppose loosing a tooth wasn't high on Karsten's priority list. A few nights ago I asked Karsten about his loose teeth. One of the teeth was just barely holding on! So I asked him if I could pull it out and he said Yes! I really was just kidding, but Karsten was serious. So I started to wiggle the tooth and tugged a little more, then pop! Out came his tooth. Karsten didn't flinch or move a muscle when I pulled it. I was more squeamish about the whole thing then him. After showing him his tooth, Karsten says, "um, mom, I think I am bleeding." So he went to wash the blood out of his mouth. Karsten is so funny! Oh, another funny thing about his tooth. He put his tooth under his pillow for you know who. But she is slow around this house. So the next night Karsten comes into my room and sets his tooth on the dresser and says, I am going to put my tooth here so the tooth fairy won't forget about it again!"

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Getaway at the Beach!

Last weekend we spent our time at the Beach in Ocean City, MD as well as at Assateague Island with two other families in our ward. We had such a great time! Friday was a beautiful day in Ocean City! We spent the entire afternoon enjoying the sand, sun, and water! It was the perfect weather. Seth loved the water. In fact, the little dare devil wanted to go out to where the kids were playing with the boogie boards.  He just didn't realize how much stronger the waves are that far out! Todd took him out a little ways and after getting splashed by some larger waves, he was ready to play on the shore with mommy again. The kids also enjoyed feeding all their snacks to the seagulls!

As we were heading back to our vehicles, guess who got separated from us?! Karsten. Somehow he hadn't seen where we were standing waiting for the guys to go get the cars so we wouldn't have to carry all our stuff so far. A huge group like us isn't hard to hide! He thought we had all walked back to where we had parked and was headed that way, except he was on the wrong block. After nearly walking from one side of the island to almost the other (maybe 3/4 a mile) a lady had noticed him walking alone and stopped to ask if he was lost. He told her he was looking for where we had parked. After some reassurance, she took him to a nearby restaurant where the police were notified of a lost child. Now during this time we had realized Karsten was lost and had begun searching on our own. Our immediate searching didn't turn up anything, so that's when we approached a firman who was on the boardwalk and notified him of our missing child. Luckily, as soon as we described Karsten, the fireman said he was found and then we were eventually reunited. I was not too worried about Karsten because he is a smart kid. He told me he would have come back to the beach if the lady hadn't stopped to help. I thank Heavenly Father for all the kind people looking out for others!