"He is there not only when we cry out from the burden of sin but also when we cry out for any other reason." -Bruce D. Porter

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dane and Cub Scouts

Last night at Pack Meeting Dane earned his Marbles Belt Loop. He is really close to getting his Wolf Badge as well.  He has a great Wolf leader and he loves going to Cub Scouts.  A couple of months ago I got called to be the Bear Den Leader.  It is a lot of fun.  Dane will join our Bear Den in January.  

Monday, September 19, 2011

Can You Guess What Instrument He's Playing?

Here is a clip of Seth pretending to play an instrument.  Can you guess which one?  His older sister plays this instrument, but on Sunday evening a young man played this instrument for the youth Standards Night.  Seth found a broken ruler and turned it into this instrument.  Now I know what you're thinking, first the post on the holes in the door and now my youngest playing with a very sharp broken ruler.  I assure you that we promote non-violence in our home.  (It's got to be all those Harry Potter films, or maybe was it Lord of the Rings? Oh man, they were good movies.)

Helping with dinner.

Kate and Emily helped make dinner last night.  Here they are making Tacos, a common staple found at our house.  Although two of my children have decided they aren't related to me anymore, Dane and Kate, as they will not eat Tacos anymore.  Bummer. All that New Mexican blood no longer runs through their veins I guess.  Kate and Emily are great!  They have their usual sibling fights, but they are generally nice to each other and are willing to help mom out.  Love you girls!