"He is there not only when we cry out from the burden of sin but also when we cry out for any other reason." -Bruce D. Porter

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Seth's Due Date!

Today we are celebrating Seth's due date, September 26th. It will kind of be like a second birthday party for him. The kids want to make him strawberry shortcake. I'm not sure if Seth will like it, but it sounds good to all of us! Seth is 15 months old now. He is pulling up to everything. It seems he is mastering everything the PT shows him how to do in about two weeks time. Two weeks ago we were teaching Seth how to go from the crawling position to sitting. Two weeks later he's doing it like a pro. This is how his crawling came along as well and going from sitting to crawling position. He mastered all these two weeks after he'd been taught. Now we are working on cruising. He pulls up just fine but doesn't quite know how to sit back down yet. And beware the stairs, he knows how to climb those. We are still on formula, though. I need to find out what's up with the whole milk. I mentioned before it makes him smell so sour. We tried soy milk, but it's way more expensive than formula, so we just continued buying formula. Sarah mentioned trying rice milk as it is even different than soy. We'll give it a try! We love you little guy!

Karsten exploring the deep depths of his nose!

So yesterday I put Karsten in the bathtub for a bath. After washing him down, I left the bathroom and told him he could play for a little while I went and did a little cleaning. After he'd been playing for a time I hear him start crying about his nose bleeding. So I come to the bathroom and find him with a bloody nose. I asked him how it happend. At first he said he didn't know, but then I asked him if he was picking at it. He then told that there was a lego in his nose! He had stuck one in each nostril. The bloody nose was from him digging one out. Apparently the other nostril still had one in there! So we dried him off, pulled out the good ol' tweezers, and got the little sucker out! This reminded me of when I was little and stuck buttons up my nose. Fortunately for Karsten he did not have to go the ER to have them removed. His weren't that high up!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Letting Go!

So Kate decided she wanted to do Emily's hair this morning and Emily was in agreement with this, so, what the heck! I come up stairs after they had been up there for awhile and Kate has Emily's hair in six braids! Then she ties all the braids back. It wasn't too bad, but I had laugh to myself because I remember putting six pony tails in my hair and going to church that way! I know, it's all practice, and eventually they will get really good at it. I love that the girls aren't self conscious, and I hope they never get that way. Kate's personality is more like that, she doesn't care what others think, she does what she wants. Haven't decided how Emily is in that area yet.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


When you've gone through a traumatic experience, does the pain of it ever end? It is true that time heals all wounds, as it is over time that you actually deal with it. I love Seth, and I am thankful he is part of my life. How fragile life is, perhaps this is why I worry so much about him. I think it is much harder looking back on all that happend than it actually was going through it. That is probably why when we read of other people's trials we don't understand how they make it through. Heavenly Father is with us when we are facing these things and that makes all the difference. Perhaps if we remember Him as we mourn for those around us, He can help us through theirs too. I hug Seth, and all my children, a little tighter now, and give them a few extra kisses as other angels return to Heaven, some a little early. "Oh what songs of the heart we shall sing all the day, when again we assemble at home, when we meet ne'er to part with the blest o'er the way, there no more from our loved ones to roam! When we meet ne'er to part, oh, what songs of the heart, we shall sing in our beautiful home. Tho our rapture and bliss there's no song can express, we will shout, we will sing o'er and o'er. As we greet with a kiss, and with joy we caress all our loved ones that passed on before; as we greet with a kiss in our rapture and bliss, all our loved ones that passed on before."