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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Playing Catch-up

It has been forever since I last blogged.  And I'm not very good at keeping family and friends up to date on all the happenings around here.  I will begin with Dane's birthday, which was before Emily's birthday, but for some reason I posted about Emily's birthday and not Dane's.

Dane got a pretty cool remote control helicopter  It's pretty tiny, but he's gotten pretty good at getting it to fly steady.

Alrighty, so I already posted on Emily's birthday, so we are going to skip to Kate's.  The morning of Kate's birthday, we took her and Alex to the temple to do baptisms for the dead.  Even more special, Grandma and Grandpa Stailey were able to come with us!

Then that evening we had cake and ice cream with the family. 

Grandma and Grandpa Stailey got Kate a couple of books, which she read in about four days time.  Kate is a huge reader.  We have at least 200 hundred books in our house and she has read them all.  We check out books from the library almost every week.  We are always picking up books at the thrift shop as well.  

A rare photo of Alex.  He doesn't like his picture taken.  You have to take it when he is least expecting.

This is usually what happens when you take a picture of Alex.  He makes that all too characteristic smile of his and turns his head away.  That is why this one is fuzzy!

Teeth are still broken.

Uncle Bret and Aunt Tammy and baby Jackson drove up on Kate's birthday to be here for Dane's baptism.  We were happy to have them come!

Me holding Jackson and Seth.  

Saturday was Dane's BIG day!  He was getting baptized!  

Dad and the baptism boy!

Uncle Bret being silly while waiting for the baptism to start. (Aunt Tammy and baby Jackson)  Disclaimer:  I have no control of my children when they have a camera in hand!  

Our family and friends who came to help us celebrate!
(Bob Stanford, Bret, Tammy, Jackson, me, Todd, Seth, G-ma Stailey, G-pa Stailey, Silvia Stanford,
Josie Thomas, Dane, Kate, Nadia Emily, Karsten
Sabrina, Dalton, Kady)

One more thing I wanted to post:



Got his teeth fixed!  Unfortunately, in one week he will have a root canal done on the right one.  The left tooth is looking ok.  We'll just keep an eye on it.

Ok, funny story I just remembered, but I don't want to forget!  After Dane's baptism, Karsten got left at the church by mistake.  He had taken his shoes off in the gym, and when it was time to go, he went to the gym to put his shoes on.  The rest of us headed out to our cars to head home.  Because we all came in three different vehicles, I suppose no one thought about making sure everyone was accounted for!  

We had been home about 45 minutes when a police car drove up our driveway and out jumps Karsten!  I was so scared when I realized we'd forgotten Karsten!  Apparently, he had taken so long putting his shoes on, that everyone at the baptism had left.  Karsten went outside the chapel, saw there were no vehicles in the parking lot, so tried to get back in the church.  Unfortunately, it was all locked up.  So he crossed a six lane road to head home!  He knew how to get home, we don't live that far from the church, maybe a three minute drive.  He said he had waited for the road to clear before crossing.  Apparently by the time he got all the way across, someone had spotted him and stopped and asked him if he was lost.  He said yes, and the driver called the police to help.  Karsten couldn't remember his address (until he got home and I reminded him that is was 621 and he finished the address for me!  I had him repeat our address several times in the past, but did he realize that was the address of his home?  I don't know, maybe he was just too nervous and forgot.)  He told the police officer that he could show her the way, and he did!  Scary, scary!  Thank goodness there are still kind and caring people that Heavenly Father has sent to watch over our children!