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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Odds and Ends from the Past Month

When all of my boys turn 1 year old, they get their first hair cut. Seth didn't have a whole lot of hair when he turned 1. He still doesn't. But the back is getting a little long, so we decided that when he turned 18 months we'd give him a little trim on the back. So here he is sitting in the high chair waiting for his first hair cut.

He didn't mind the vibration of the hair clippers! With a little entertainment from Kate, we got the back trimmed up a bit.

Walla! Yep, he pretty much looks the same. It just is trimmed. Oh well. But he was a really good sport about it. Now that he's 18 months he can go to the Nursery at church. We missed our first official Sunday in the Nursery because church was cancelled due to the huge snow storm that passed over us. (See pics below.) It will take time, but one day he won't be sad when I'm not there. I only leave for 10-15 mintues at a time. He usually lasts that long and then notices I'm not around. I wouldn't mind him crying, but he's still so little and takes a little more attention than the others, so I don't want the Nursery leaders feeling overwhelmed. And I don't mind the Nursery. It's the second best calling to me, with Sunbeams being number one. Ok, maybe it's a close tie, I love them both.

So, here's some pictures of the snow. We got a record breaking amount of snow, 21 inches! This caused church to be cancelled as well as the last three days of school before Christmas Break!

Our neighbor let Todd borrow his four wheeler to plow the street and driveways. If not for this, we'd have no way to get out as they don't plow the side streets until all main roads are clear, which can take so many days! Kate rode around on the back of it while Todd plowed.

This is what Sunday morning looked like.

It was fun to have the kids home from school for a few extra days. We only had a week and a half scheduled for Christmas break, which I thought was a little short. But then I saw the calendar for Spring Break and we get a week and a half off for that, so I guess it equals out.

The girls in the family decided to paint our toenails to match the season. I did the red, and Kate added the details. It was fun.

Todd was scheduled to work on Christmas Day, so we all got up at five in the morning to open presents. The kids were just fine with that idear. I would have posted pics of the kids on Christmas morning, but most of them are missing at least one article of clothing on their bodies, so I held back, so as not to embarrass any of them. Todd left for work at six and I went back to bed with Seth. Todd came back home about an hour later, to our surprise! Not enough patients means someone has to go home! We were so happy to have him home. The kids lasted all day and finally crashed around 9 pm. It seems like time flies so fast. I remember Christmas day lasting so much longer as a kid. I'm thankful that the kids were happy with their gifts. Honestly, I think they'd be happy with anything, thank goodness. Alex wouldn't tell me what he wanted. I finally suggested a few things and ended up getting him a Little People Airplane. After we take an airplane flight next summer, I know it will have more meaning. He knows we are going, so is very interested in what it will be like. He now wants Lego Star Wars after watching the other boys build their creations. So, he's going to put a chart on the wall, and after he walks 250 circles, which is sixty-two and a half miles, he'll get his own Lego Star Wars. Hey, this OCD can get you a lot! He will walk a mile and a half on most days. I think I can push him to two miles a day. How hard is it to walk on the tread mill when there's a television staring you in the face. Well, sometimes I have to hold on cause I lose balance! :) Enjoy!
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