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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Old Reliable

It has finally happend. Our nine year old van has had it's final drive in our family. It was such a faithful and reliable piece of metal. We bought it brand new when Dane was almost two months old. Sniff, sniff. (Man, I've been sniffing a lot lately!). The only things we have had to replace in these past nine years was the alternator and the battery. Now its transmission is on its last gear. The kids are even more sad about this than I. They don't want to get another vehicle. Hello 15 passenger van! Hahahahahaha Not really, but we will have to wait a month or two before we can make our next major purchase.

What Todd wants to get:

What I would have an easier time driving:

What we can afford:

Those old station wagons seated nine people!  Now we would have space to take ONE of the children's friends with us!  I remember the one we had growing up.  The back door had two opening options.  It would either fold down, or it would swing out wide.  It was so great riding backwards.  (Especially when you were prone to motion sickness!)  Oh the good ol' days!

Going down memory lane, when we were really young and before seat belt laws, we would pile in the old green station wagon and take drives up to Cloudcroft.  I remember having nightmares about falling out the back window during those rides.  I would dream we were going up a really steep road and we would have to hang on not to fall out.  Another memory just popped into my head.  Remember driving to Mescalero every Sunday?  How was it that six girls were all dressed up and sitting in the back of the green station wagon and we still looked presentable after the thrity minute ride?  Probably because we didn't care how we looked!  Hahahaha!