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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I actually cleaned something!

I am feeling better every day! It is great. Today I cleaned out the linen closet. Alex cleaned the toyroom up by placing everything in the room on a blanket. Then he folded up that blanket with everything in it and put it in the linen closet. I wondered how he cleaned up the room so quick but didn't see it in their bedrooms. Later I look into the closet, and what do I see? These children put more energy into figuring out how they can get out of cleaning then it would take to just clean the room! Whatever.
I think I need a bladder transplant. It is driving me crazy having to go to the bathroom like every 5 minutes. The joys. I've gained about ten pounds now. The kids all unanimously want a girl. Even the boys want a girl. So, we shall see. I can't believe that I will have six children. It doesn't feel like I have that many children for some reason.
It is suppose to get up to 60 degrees this afternoon! We are going to go outside for the rest of the day here after I get myself and the boys dressed. I love the spring. I've got most of my seeds planted and most have come up. I still need to plant tomatoes. I'm debating about some more flowers. I have 152 plants in my makeshift greenhouse in the hotwater closet. Todd built me some shelves in their and I bought some flourescent lights and I've got plants growing! I have impatients, petunias, vinca, holly hock, columbine, and green chilies. Well, the day is going by and I will miss all the warm weather if I don't get out! So, good day.

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Littleflame said...

Your so lucky to be able to spend time outside in the warmth of the sun and planting your garden.

As you know it snowed here yesterday and today the wind has been blowing something fierce. I had to look outside to see if a tornado or tree was heading our way. Winter is going out like a LION here.

Enjoy your warm weather!