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Friday, October 5, 2012

We have two new babies!

Our mystery eggs have hatched! Todd dug up some eggs while he was working on the retaining wall. The kids put them in a container to watch them hatch. I was sure they wouldn't hatch because of all the handling the kids did to them. We had no idea what kind of eggs they were. We assumed snake eggs because we have snakes that live in our flower beds and out in the forest. It has been well over a month since we put them in the container. I was actually thinking of throwing the container away because nothing was happening and it is getting colder. There were three eggs I think. The kids buried the eggs in the container, but one egg near the top just collapsed. So I knew that one was no good. Well, while I was outside staining a table I built (a topic for another post), I happens to glance over at the container and noticed two baby turtles! I was afraid they were dead because I don't know when we checked it last. But I poked at one and it moved! So I put some food and water in the container. I kept an eye on them and noticed they were moving around. Anyways, I let the kids keep them until tomorrow. Then we need to let them go so they can prepare for winter. They would be fun to keep, but I already have to give away a million very fertile fish when we move, I don't want to have to worry about turtles too! Man, if those had been snakes I think I would have freaked out!


Sandra said...

I wonder if the turtles would be able to live through the winter? I think I would call some wild life place and see what they say. What did you feed them?

Christina said...

Good idea, Sandra! I think turtles hibernate maybe? I know they dig holes in the ground. I gave them some lettuce from the garden and the kids gave them apple slices. Spoiled turtles!

Watson momma said...

Awww! So cute! Do you know how much people pay for turtles? Sell them! Hahahahaha!