"He is there not only when we cry out from the burden of sin but also when we cry out for any other reason." -Bruce D. Porter

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Should Be....

I should be making a Menu so I can go shopping after lunch, but I'm not. I should be cleaning, but I'm not. Instead I'm sitting on my bed while my nearly four year old is tapping me with part of his toy train asking to watch veggie tales. Some days it is harder to get motivated than other days. Well, I should say to get motivated to do the things that should probably get done first. I am going to paint my bedroom, but I keep telling myself to do the dishes first. And that's the part I'm having a hard time motivating myself to do. On a better note, the baby is potty trained! He's been potty trained for about two weeks now. It was so easy to potty train him, that I am still in kind of a shock about it. Thank goodness though. I remember Emily being one of the more stubborn of the children to potty train. Ok, I won't lie, I know I am totally over protective of this last child of mine and I totally underestimate his capabilities, and that's why he's got us wrapped around his fingers. We are working on it, though. Last night he fell asleep in his own bed, instead of mine. He's always slept in his own bed until daddy started working nights and a tired momma would let the baby fall asleep with her. Now the baby has taken full advantage of it.

Here is another thing I would rather be doing.  Below is the flowers I've been growing up in my loft.  I decided it was time to put them in the breezeway to start acclimatizing them to the outdoors.  I've got most of them planted now, still have a tray left to find a place to plant, that's another thing I would rather be doing than cleaning!  Oh well, one day the house will always be clean and I will miss having the kids around.  So, I suppose it's not about having a pristine house, but about the kids. Well then, I think I'll go plant and paint instead of the dishes!


tHe StAiLeYs said...

Yay Seth! Way to go! I am quickly learning that the house comes last. I never thought it would, but I am ok with it.

Watson momma said...

He's gonna hate you one day for posting him on the pot! Haha!!