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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun in New York

Here's a few shots of the children while we were at Lake Seneca on our trip to New York.

Ok, this is a picture of Alex, but not at Seneca Lake.  This was at Decker Park years ago, I think in 2000.  Anyways, the reason I post it is because of the following picture.  Alex and Seth are wearing the same hat doing the same thing in the water!  Can't keep them out!

Yes, Dane is carrying a dead fish.  The kids thought it was so cool.  Wonder why the lake has dead fish?  
Kate in the kayak.
Alex in the paddle boat with his Uncle Warren and cousin Nathan.
Dane going out!
Todd and Karsten in a row boat.
Alex trying out the kayak; he eventually capsizes.  
Hey, that green goop is the best!
Dane out on the lake.

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Watson & Co. said...

At fist I thought you said "green POOP" hahaha