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Monday, May 17, 2010


Tonight for our activity for Family Home Evening, we played sardines.  For those of you would don't know how to play sardines, basically it is the opposite of Hide-and-Seek.  In sardines, one person hides, and then everyone goes and finds them.  When you find them you hide with them!  You don't want to be the last one left wandering the dark house!  Oh, did I mention that you are suppose to turn all the lights in the house off as well?  So fun!  My family knows all about this game!  I think Sandra and Dennis taught us how to play Sardines.  Anyways, Dane is so funny to play with.  He walks into a room and asks, is anyone in here?  Then he leaves.  Like anyone is going to tell him they're hiding in there?  When I was "it", Kate found me first and everyone was wandering around looking for a while.  I could hear Dane and Karsten coming and they finally came into the room we were hiding in and then Dane says real loud, "I found them, wait, no I didn't", realizing he wasn't suppose to tell everyone else where we were at. We were trying so hard not to laugh!  Luckily, a few of the others hadn't heard him, so we weren't given away.  And then when it was Dane's turn to hide, Todd decided to trick everyone because the kids wouldn't stop following him, so Todd hid in the shower and all the kids started hiding there with him and I joined them and then we were like, "where's Dane?" and Todd just started laughing at us.  It was fun.


Watson & Co. said...

oh man i want to play now! except it is not until 10pm before it is dark enough!

Sandra said...

Okay you need to make it not so scary for Dane. My sister played some Rainforest music durning Sardines. It helps. Let me know what you find to listen to while playing sardines. I learned the game when I was a nanny. =)