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Sunday, May 16, 2010


 Every other Sunday Todd only stays for Sacrament meeting because he has worked the night before and has to work Sunday night as well.  So today after church, the kids had to stay with mom during choir practice.  Now for the Alex part.  Alex, Alex, Alex.  Sometimes you just have to shake your head and let him do what he's doing.  One of Alex's favorite things to do is organize the hymn books in the pews.  A Spanish ward meets after our ward, so we also have Spanish hymn books.  Each book holder gets one Spanish hymnal and two English hymnals, and of course the Spanish hymnal must sit in between the two English.  Alex usually just straightens the books in each row while mom's in choir practice.  Well, today he decides to take every single hymnal out of their holders, and pile them up on the back bench.  I have no idea why.  By the time all the books have been removed, choir is over.  But Alex hasn't finished his organizing yet!  So we sit and wait for him to put all the hymn books back.  He doesn't want any help because it has to be just so.  Well, it was already after 1 p.m. and I knew he was hungry.  So when 1:30 was rolling around, we got him convinced that it was ok for Kate and Emily to help, but only if they placed the hymn books correctly.  Those OCD tendencies he has are so funny.  He is sweating bullets and I know he's starving, but he's got to get the hymn books placed just right.  I see this as a great calling for him in the future.  He even wanted to bring one of the hymn books home that had fallen out of it's cover so he could fix it!  Patience, we are definatley learning patience.


Watson & Co. said...

hahaha! i love hearing stories of alex!

edsajadaha05 said...

I think you've taught me alot to just let them do their "thing" instead of trying to change them. thank you and jacob thanks you too.

Sandra said...

I bet someone in one of the wards is impressed that someone would take the time to fix the hymn books and that part is funny. lol Or someone new. =)

wv seerspa