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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alex's First Talk in Sacrament

So Alex gave his first talk in Sacrament Meeting today.   It was on his first experience doing baptisms for the dead.  It was all of about one minute long.  He did his best.  You couldn't make out everything he said, but the congregation got the gist of it. It's amazing to see him grow up.  We are glad that he is participating in Young Men's and Scouts.  But as time goes on, we see that we may have to be careful what we let him go to.  Not that it's bad for him, by any means. He's been at about a six year old level socially since, well, he was six!  He had a hard time during combined activity sitting still listening to the presentation on Family History.  He would pinch people and almost caused a fight between another boy.  I imagine if Karsten or Dane had to sit still for that long, they would be causing disruption too.  It's easy to forget his mind is so young while his body is so big.  You just expect more out of them because they are as big as everyone else.

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tammy lu said...

Yay Alex! I wish we could have heard it!