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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lego Maniac

Karsten loves to build anything that flies with Legos! It all started when I bought some Lego Star Wars at the thrift shop. It wasn't a complete set, but it had enough parts for Karsten to improvise to make a ship. So for Christmas this year he got the Darth Vadar ship of Lego Star Wars. He is so good at building. Alex built it for Karsten at first, but it soon was busted in a million pieces! So Karsten began rebuilding! He knows how to follow the instructions that they give you. It has taken him several days to figure it out. In the pictures below he is building the central part of Darth's ship. He's got one of the wings built and still has got another wing to build. If he can't find a piece, he improvises. He loves Lego Star Wars! Or anything Star Wars for that matter. The recommendation for ages 8-12 years doesn't intimidate this 4 year old! Dane is also really good at building with Legos, although I think he prefers to play with the Legos over building, as he let Alex build his Lego ship he got for his birthday. Alex stayed up until 11:30 building it! OCD, that's all I can tell you.

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tammy lu said...

Well, if you decide to go to Disney World ever, you have to go to Downtown Disney. They have Lego Land. He would love it!