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Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Steps!

The children are perfect helpers when it comes to teaching Seth! The kids will walk Seth all over the house. Today they decided to see if he could walk on his own. And what do you know? He's starting taking a few steps! We got a little bit of it on camera. Enjoy!

(Don't forget to push the pause button to the right to stop the music so you can hear the videos!)

A funny thing about Seth today: I was sweeping the kitchen floor and Seth drug the dust pan over to the pile of dirt I was sweeping up! He's so funny! He's also very smart! He knew exactly what to do. Now I'm wondering why the other kids haven't figured this out. They just sweep everything into the pantry or under the rug! :)


Watson & Co. said...

you don't remember when your kids WANTED to help? it only lasts a short time, then they decide it's not worth it! haha

edsajadaha05 said...

I am so suprised that Seth is starting to walk! You're lucky to have great helpers! I hope we live close to you when they are ready for babysitting. We will be your best customers.

4Garrisons said...

that is so cute!

tammy lu said...

He is getting so big! YAY!! His first steps, that is so exciting! Glad you caught that on video!!