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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sure wish Grandpa was around for this!

Dane discovered his top tooth was pretty loose, so he worked on it all evening to get it out. After I had just gone to bed I hear Dane yell to Karsten that he had finally gotten it out! Then he came into my room to show it off.

Coincidently, the same tooth that Dane lost, Seth just got in! And I think we have figured out Seth's fussiness for the past month, excluding teething. Whole milk seems to bother him. His body smells sour and he pukes up a lot. So, we went back to only formula and we are beginning to try out soy milk. We shall see how this goes.


edsajadaha05 said...

When Hannah heard that Dane lost his tooth she came to me with tears in her eyes and told me that she wanted to brush her teeth. I realized that she was afraid that her teeth would fall out if she didn't brush them. Maybe she thought that Dane didnt take care of his teeth, but we need to explain to her that when you get older your teeth naturally fall out. Poor Hannah, this goes to show you how my children think. I don't mean to scare them, but hey at least she understands the importance of brushing teeth.

4Garrisons said...

oh and Rice milk is a good alternative as well. Gwen can't have soy because it is a form of estrogen so we give her Rice Dream and honestly it tastes a lot like soy milk! :)

4Garrisons said...

Oh and that is so Funny about Hannah Sarah-i tell Trent the same thing about not brushing his teeth! :)