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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Growing up

So, Kate decided she wanted another perm. She wants to wear it long and curly. So Sarah and I decided to give the spiral wrapping a try. It actually wasn't all that hard, except for the fact that you use a lot of rods! We had fun. I can't believe how old Kate is getting! This will be her last year in elementary school as middle school starts in the sixth grade here in Maryland.


Sandra said...

Sections look good. Trying piggy backing for a more uniform curl. Picture at the end looked good but need a better picture to examine your work more closely.
*Note long hair does not have to be wrapped in spirals as long hair automatically goes into the long spiral ringlettes when permed.

Sincerly and Lovingly,
Your Teacher =)hahaha
ps Kate looks beautiful!


Barrett & Angie said...

Was the last time you gave a perm when I lived in GJ with you guys?LOL