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Thursday, April 9, 2009

She was a Great Grandma T!

Grandma Thayne died today at 2:25 in the afternoon. Tomorrow would have been her 86th birthday. Grandma T was a great friend. Because we lived outside of Utah for half of our married life, my memories of Grandma T really don't begin until we moved up here to Utah in the summer of 2003. Dane was just six months old at the time. We weren't going anywhere in life living in Colorado, so we decided then was as good as time as any to move to Utah. The hope was to be able to get better work and have Todd go to school. We came up, decided to build a house, and needed a place to stay until it was built. Grandma T graciously let us stay with her. At first I wasn't sure how it was going to all work out, with us having four little ones and all. But my concerns were soon dispelled as Grandma and I grew to be close friends. I enjoyed being around Grandma and hearing all the stories she had to tell. Because of Grandma, I was able to figure out who belonged to who in the family and learned things about her and her family that I might not otherwise have heard. I remember walking into her computer room and just sitting down to talk. I enjoyed cooking for her and I remember her commenting to me when we were getting ready to move into our new home that she had been spoiled all summer because she never had to cook. I remeber going over to the clubhouse on the first Monday of each night for their FHE dinners. It was so easy to be around Grandma. There is one thing I remember Grandma teaching me that she never knew about. I was watching Grandma fill out her tithing slip one day and she was telling me all the things she donates to. I was thinking in my mind, Grandma, you have so little, you don't need to donate to all that, the Lord will understand. And then I realized how foolish I was. Grandma had so little, and yet she gave so much. I could see how the Lord would bless her because she gave all she had. I will always remember her example. She taught me how to make toasted cheese and tomato sandwhiches. I will always remember her when I eat them and the memories of living at her condo in American Fork. As Grandma started to loose strength and had to be moved to an assisted living home, I remember wishing how I could help her out more. But having five young children at home didn't allow me to do as I'd hoped. She had so many family members and friends that helped to take care of her. I found comfort in that. I love Grandma T so much. I look forward to seeing her again when I leave this frail existence. I also look forward to meeting Grandpa T. Grandma gave me the opportunity to get to know him a little with the memories she shared. Grandma introduced me to a love that I wouldn't have learned otherwise, that is to care for the elderly. Had I not had the opportunity to live with her and help take care of her at times, I would not have discovered this. Thank you, Grandma T, for the memories and the love. You are the greatest Grandma T! I know you are happy and in a wonderful place where we shall someday meet!


Marcy said...

Yes, she was a great grandma. We will all miss her. I am grateful I will be able to attend the funeral. We should lay Seth & Emma next to each other so we can compare their size!! lol

Watson & Co. said...

crazy we were talking about her today and she decided to pass on today! i wonder what it was like?? i bet when we do die, it's not as scary as we think it is.

Sandra said...