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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My mouth has something foreign in it.

Today I went to the dentist to get a cavity filled. I actually have had this cavity for a year. I got it when I was pregnant with Seth. Everything was so different with that pregnancy and discovering a cavity was no surprise. So, after putting it off forever, I made the appointment to get it filled. Of course I was a little nervous that it would turn out to be really bad because I had waited so long. Needless to say it still was a surface cavity. I am crazy, that's all I have to say. I was fine until my mouth started to go numb. And then I had to put my head between my legs because that crazy thing called anxiety decides to make it's appearance and it makes me feel a little light headed. Luckily it never got real bad because I have been learning how to keep it under control. After a few minutes I was able to sit back and enjoy the drilling. I've never had a cavity before so I didn't know what to expect. All I have to say is having a cavity filled is a piece of cake compared to having a tooth pulled! I've had several teeth pulled by the dentist including my sole wisdom tooth. Why is it as we get older is it harder to handle all this stuff? I remember as a kid having teeth pulled was kind of exciting in a way! Maybe it's a combination of hormones and too much experience with traumatic experiences that cause us to succumb to anxiety. Argh! Not gonna miss that one when I'm resurrected.


edsajadaha05 said...

Oh Christina, Fillings are a piece of cake! I got a whole mouth full of mercury, and I ferpectly normal! AhHaHaHa!

4Garrisons said...

ok miss perfect teeth! I am like sarah-Where there's a tooth, there's a filling. I actually have all my wisdom teeth with 3 of them that have cut through and i have been told that they need to be pulled...i have been putting it off but i think i will finally do it this year.

Watson & Co. said...

i am a mercury mouth too but i still get anxiety when i go to the dentist because i HATE it, i wold rather get a womanly exam than get dental work done! HAHAH, ok maybe not that bad but i still get anxious over the dentist. i am afraid they will start drilling and it will hit a nerve that is not numb yet.....and then coming out of the numbness....OH MAN time for me to put my head between my legs HAHAH

Sandra said...

Anxiety over the bill is what I get. hahaha