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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Karsten's Happy Happy Birthday!

Karsten celebrated his 4th birthday today! He was very excited! We had Grandma and Grandpa Stailey and Aunt Lori and Uncle David help us celebrate. We missed daddy, though. He couldn't make it. Ok, well maybe mommy misses daddy the most.

Here Karsten is showing us how old he is!

Kate baked and frosted the yummy chocolate cake for Karsten.
Blowing out the candles!
Karsten got a new bicycle from mommy and daddy. He's outgrowning his tricycle, although he still loves to ride it. His tricycle has gone through three other siblings and has held up well. A good purchase from toys r us back when Kate was little. Karsten is getting so big and is so smart. He plays the piano by ear. He is learning "How Firm a Foundation". I will record it and post it when he has learned it all. He can play several songs, and bits and pieces of tunes he hears. Karsten is such a joy and such a blessing!


Marcy said...

Happy birthday, Karsten!!

I wish I could play the piano by ear...I'm impressed that he can do that, especially at 4 years old!!

tammy lu said...

YAY!! Happy Birthday Karsten!

Watson & Co. said...

wow he is gonna be a lady killer! hahaha i was trying to tell dallas that a lot of boys sing and that girls really like it! haha he isn't convinced!