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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Odds and Ends

I miss being around everyone I have ever known. It is going to be so great in Heaven because then we'll get to see everyone and traveling won't be a problem! I wish I could live everywhere! Yes, I have very mixed emotions about military life. It is a love/hate relationship. I love having the opportunity to live in so many places, but hate having to move away from friends. We don't have any orders yet, but know the time will come some day. Sniff, sniff.

We are working on getting Seth into a Speech/Language development preschool for next school year. It is great because our elementary school has one and it is only two or three days a week, just what I am looking for. I know I am going to have to probably fight for this placement, but I will just leave it at that. Very frustrated with certain things, but trying to look past it and know that in the end, it will all be just fine.

The children are so antsy to be getting out of school! Four more school days left! Kate is going to Girls' Camp for the first time this year. She missed it last year because we went to Utah. Alex and Todd will be going to Scout Camp that same week, so it will be just me and the four younger children.

We just had our first annual dinner and Auction to help raise funds for the Scouts. It was so much fun and we raised more than anyone first imagined! Emily got herself an MP3 player from it, Todd and I will be enjoying a three course home cooked meal from a sweet Sister in the ward, and sometime this fall we'll be joining a couple of other families to enjoy the weekend at the beach in Ocean City! For me, the most amazing thing in helping to put this whole event together was seeing the ward come together with so many service donations. It has been a great experience.

Alex has finally hit the 100 mile mark on his walking chart! He likes to track his walking and measure his distance with my phone. Actually, it is great that he does this because he cannot cheat! We go out together, but because I jog most of it, we aren't together, so I just look at the map of the route he's taken and know for sure how far he's gone. Monday night it was funny, Alex had walked 2.13 miles. I told him he just needed to walk a tiny bit more to make it a full quarter mile and he could mark off another square on his chart ( one square equals a quarter mile on his walking chart). I told him to walk down the street and back and that it would make it be over a quarter mile, but he didn't want to do that. So then I told him just to walk around on the road in circles and he would eventually get to 2.25 miles. So he did! It was kind of funny watching him walk around our cul de sac in circles. He had to do six or seven times, not to mention that is was nearly ten o'clock at night! The neighbors were probably looking out there window wondering why Alex was walking in circles! Oh well, he did it! And now he has been bugging me to take him to the Thrift store. So, we have a trip planned for tomorrow.

Kate has begun the process of getting the pendulum she will will have to wear for a few months before she has braces put on, today. Two small plastic things were stuck between two of her teeth to start making room for a metal ring to go around the teeth. The plan for Kate is to push her back two molars back so we can pull the remaining front teeth in to correct her over bite. She has no wisdom teeth, but she also has two baby teeth that have no adult molars under them. These will be pulled and a spacer put in place so she can have implants put in sometime in the future. I am a little hesitant about this, but the concern is that these two baby molars have such large fillings from cavities that the orthodontist doesn't expect them to be viable long enough to be worth keeping. I am still concerned about having them removed and having nothing there for several years, why not leave them there until they really need to come out? I think I will discuss that with them, but my guess is that if we don't remove them and make plans for implants and wait to pull them when they have to come out, it will mess up all the orthodontic work they are doing now. If Kate marries a wealthy man, I will forward this dental bill to her later! :)

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