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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seth's Progress with the CI

On May 15th, Seth hit his sixth month mark since the activation for his Cochlear Implant (CI).  Our audiologist told me that the goal for someone with a CI is to have them saying single words by six months post activation and two word phrases by 12 months.  Well, Seth is saying two word phrases and longer!  We have been very blessed by his progress. One phrase that is easy to understand is "open the door". We are trying to add more words to his vocabulary so he isn't saying "open the door" when he wants a bag of snacks opened!  He also loves to watch "Signing Time".  Seth's favorite sign is for shoe (closed fists and clap together).  He always wants to go outside so he'll walk around signing shoes and then I'll ask him what he wants because although I think signing is important and I understand what he wants, I also want him to know that he needs to vocalize it as well.  He knows, but sometimes he wants to be stubborn as well.  He's a fun little guy!

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