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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Karsten's on a roll!

So this morning I announce to the children that it's time for hair cuts.  Karsten asks me why he has to get his hair cut.  I tell him his hair is getting too long and needs to be cut.  Then he replies, "I've got to have short hair because I have a short head."  I guess that's good logic, right? :)  Then as we are cutting his hair he informs me that he's got a hair ache.  I didn't know this was possible.  Afterwards he heads up stairs to shower.  When he's done he comes to me and says, "I took a shower, want to smell me?"  I tell him he smells good.  Then he says, "I washed everywhere, even my bum bum!"  Hope this brings a smile to your Saturday morning!


Kathy said...

Very cute! I am so grateful when my kids wash their bumbums.

Tammy said...

Haha! I got a good chuckle Saturday morning and night! That boy is funny!!!

Watson & Co. said...

Hahaha, short head!