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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Emily turns the big 1-0!

Emily has entered the realm of being a double digit number.  No longer will she be a single digit.  For the rest of her life she now will have two numbers, unless she really lives a long time and is blessed to have triple digits!  Emily doesn't care for cake, so she loves to have donuts instead.  Now that Emily is 10, she gets to have her own military ID card!  Woohoo!  Not that we've ever needed to use the kids' cards because we don't live on or even near a base, but you got to have one!  So we should probably take care of that real soon.

Emily loves ferrets right now.  She wishes she could own a ferret.  She has done a lot of research on them, and unfortunately (fortunately for us) they are banned in our little town.  She is hoping daddy gets stationed somewhere where it is legal to own one.  As far as I know they are legal in San Antonio, but that doesn't mean you"re going to get one Emily!  Thankfully, she is content with a stuffed ferret.


Watson & Co. said...
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Watson & Co. said...

I can't believe our kids are getting so old! They are almost as old as we once were! When we thought we were cool! Hahahaha

edsajadaha05 said...

Oh please ask Todd to put in for Camp Lester!!! You would love it out here!!!!