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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Activation Day

It has been almost two weeks since Seth was activated and I am very slow at getting this posted.  Here are a few videos of Seth's activation.

The first video is activation of individual electrodes.

The second video is activation of all electrodes.  He doesn't freak out, but he does turn to me as if unsure of what's going on.

Because Seth has hearing in the left ear, sound is not new to him.  This is great in terms of getting him to understand that sound has meaning.  I'm hoping this will make the process of teaching him to talk and listen a little easier.  In the last two weeks Seth's personality has really bloomed!  It's like having this new hearing opened up a something in him and he's so funny to watch.  He's getting new words as well.  His newest words are eyes, nose, and mouth.  The other neat thing is that he has taken an interest in television.  Before the CI, he had very little interest in watching anything.  Now he loves to watch The Backyardigans. He'll even sing the song when he wants it!  He doesn't sing the words necessarily, but the the tune is there!

This next video is of Seth opening a card given to him from a sweet sister in our ward.  It was for his activation day.

The above picture is us with Dr. Rivera, the surgeon who implanted Seth.  

Here is Seth with his Koala.  His Koala got his CI the same day Seth did!  So cute! 


Maren Hansen said...

Derek was in nursery today and saw Seth banging on the toy piano and singing so loud and happy forever. Yay for technology! (cue Kip singing: I love technology. Not as much as you you see. Still I love technology. Always and forever...) :)

Sandra said...

lol Maren is funny. Always and forever! hahaha Hip hip hurray for Seth!

WV: ammen!