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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Surgery Date!

I was shocked and surprised when one of the staff from Bethesda called today to make a pre-op appointment for Seth's October 15th surgery date. I was like, what?  We haven't gotten a date yet?!  After meeting with the surgeon this past Wednesday, he told us to call in two days and they'd let us know what date we could expect for surgery. We were expecting within the month, maybe later. Well, the surgical team decided on a date and got the ball rolling before we knew it!  I was so shocked, but said we'd take it! That's only three weeks away!  It seems like this day has taken forever to get here, now it seems so soon!  Am I doing the right thing?  Seth has no clue what's going to happen to him, how's he going to handle all this?  I'm sure that's just all the jitters and the initial excitement of it all.  Todd will have that day off so we can go together.  We were told from beginning to end, it will be about five hours, the actual surgery lasting about 3 hours.  We were told if all goes well, we could be released from the hospital that afternoon!  Luckily, the youngest patients go first, and so far, Seth is the youngest.  Man, I'd hate to have to wait all day.  So, that's the latest on the CI.


Watson & Co. said...

That's so exciting!!!

tammy lu said...

I am super excited! I cannot wait to hear how it all goes!