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Friday, May 7, 2010

I think I've found my swimsuit

Ok, so after searching long and hard, I think I've found the swimsuit for the year.

I like O'hana's swim tops.  Not to low cut in the front or back, and doesn't make us flat people look, well, flat!


The bottom half has been the trickiest.  Board shorts are cute, but you have to be careful how you sit.  I hate bikini bottoms and boy cut shorts.  So I found these cute bottoms.  Now, this is the first time trying them out, so I don't have a complete opinion on it yet, just that they look cute and flirty when paired with a top.

Black SlimSkort

Navy SlimSkort


Yes, it's like biker shorts under a skirt.  So, you get coverage of your legs and no worries about what may be showing!  We'll see how this summer goes.


Watson & Co. said...

i don't like the skirt, i would just go with the bottoms without a skirt. it actually doesn't look that bad. i do it. i guess i am not cool haha!

Christina said...

I wouldn't mind it without the skirt too, I just don't like how it shows off the rolls and bulges. That's why I opted for a skirt.

Sandra said...

You will be a bathing beauty. =)

wv blemedis

Watson & Co. said...

rolls and bulges? what are stuffing into your bathing suit? HAHAHA

Christina said...

Two legs, Tonnia! haha

Thank you Sandra, you are the sweetest!

4Garrisons said...

i like the skirt-swim skirts are cute. But not crazy about the top!