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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seth is Walking!

Seth just started this last night!  He crawled into the family room, stood up, and decided to start walking!  He turned 21 months on the 15th of March. But subtract 3 1/2 months for prematurity, and he's not that far behind in walking!  Kate and Dane were 15-16 months old when they walked, so adjusted, Seth is 17 1/2 months.  Not bad for being such a preemie!


tammy lu said...

This is awesome!! I love that he laughs after he falls, he is too cute!!

Watson & Co. said...

either he has an extremely soggy diaper, or he has an unusually long torso hahaha

Holloway Family said...

YEAH!! So exciting!!

Sandra said...

I love his laugh Christina. =)

wv woafght