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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't read this if you're squeamish!

We had our first experience with head lice. Luckily, it was only confined to one child.  But apparently it was going around the school and I didn't realize they sent a letter home about it.

I was combing Emily's hair yesterday morning and found a little critter stuck to her hair shaft.  I pulled it off, looked it up on the internet, and confirmed it was a blasted little louse! After further inspection, I did find several little eggs attached to hair shafts as well.  I pulled all those off.  We then shampooed everyone's hair with a great smelling shampoo (it's so weird, I remember the smell of it when we had to use it growing up the one time we got lice). I kept all the kids home except Alex because I didn't know who had it.  I found two more little buggers in Emily's hair while treating her hair, but no more.  The adults are about the size of a grain of rice.  And now I'm paranoid, I think.  I've washed all the bedding, towels, etc. and vacuumed everything.  I even threw away all the combs and brushes and bought new ones.  I hope it's over!  You always read about the cases that are like super lice and nothing will kill them!

The reason why I suspected head lice right away with Emily is that because the neighbor girl had it, who had gotten it from a friend at school.  Plus, a few nights before, Emily broke out in a weird rash that we couldn't explain.  Now I think it was just a reaction from the bites!  So, hopefully never again.  Technically, lice don't do anything to harm you, they can't give you any diseases or make you sick, they are just annoying.  Nevertheless, I don't like to share my hair with any other creatures.

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