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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Wonderland

So we got a lot of snow! Even more than the snow storm back before Christmas. I measured 22-23 inches, the neighbor measured 23.5. So somewhere around there is the totals, maybe more. It literally cam up to my thighs! It was hard walking through. The first pictures I took in the morning while it was still snowing. I was able to shovel a small trail from the door to the car. Later, our wonderful neighbor came and used his snow blower to clear a bigger path and made paths through the roads for the kids to walk through. Later he started to plow the roads a little so Todd could make it home from work. Todd did make it, got stuck and had to dig out a little bit, but he made it all the way to the house! The most snow I have ever seen! This of course cancelled church and I wonder how many days of school next week will be missed? We shall see! The kids love it! We can't wait for Todd to rebuild the tubing run in the back! It will be so fun!


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Sandra said...

Imagine this 6 or more times a year in up state New York. Dennis and Grant don't miss the shoveling for sure.

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Barrett & Angie said...

Welcome to New York! Oh wait..thats DC.