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Friday, February 26, 2010

13 Years!

Our Wedding Announcement!


Our first photos together!

Our wedding day 13 years ago! 

We didn't wait to start a family.  I love this picture because Alex spit up right as we were taking it.  

Our little family of two.

And then there were three!

But then we had to even it out, two boys and two girls.

Then came number 5!

Evening things out with last and final sixth!

It's been a great thirteen years!  We celebrated our anniversary with the children.  We decided to have a fancy dinner with the children.  I got this idear from Sarah!  We even had candles.  The kids did well, and if they didn't like something they were just suppose to sit there and wait for the next course. I wish every meal time could be so nice!  We had cream of tomato basil soup with cheese bread, cesaer salad, shrimp fettucine alfredo, finished off with a cheesecake dessert.  It was a lot of fun.  The best part of it all is when each one of you wants the best for the rest of the family and you see each other trying.  It makes you want to try even harder.  

Love you forever, Todd!


tammy lu said...

Ahh! What a great post!!I love seeing all of these pictures! Congrats on 13 years!!

Watson & Co. said...

i like those pics! i never saw emily as a baby and she is a baldy! haha! it's funny to see your puffy bangs again!!!

edsajadaha05 said...

Seriously Christina. In that picture with you, Todd and Alex, you look like you are the babysitters. You are even wearing your YW medallion. hahahahahaha.

4Garrisons said...

Puffy bangs! haha! In that pic with Alex and kate, Kate looks a lot like Gwen! :)