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Friday, January 8, 2010

Two Hour Delay

It snowed about two inched last night. So school was on a two hour delay. Really? For two inches? Oh well, the kids are lovin' it. We have to miss five school days before just one extra day will be added onto the end of the school year. They already know for a fact that we will have snow days, I suppose! So far our first year here has been unusual. We've had record snowfalls and unseasonably cold temperatures. So, whatever it usually is like out here in the East, we haven't experienced yet. Right now I've just been hibernating in the house. Maybe when it starts to warm up again I'll come out of my cocoon!


Watson & Co. said...

reminds me of when the snow would barely cover the ground in alamogordo and school would be cancelled! haha! gotta love those memories!!

tammy lu said...

I love snow days! I wish they would use them out here!