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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nothings of the week

It seems that it's easier to post when something exciting is going on or the children have accomplished something. But as this week has passed and I've pondered what to blog about, it seems like there was nothing "huge" that happend. And if I wait, several weeks could go by. The children only had a four day week. Friday they were off for the teachers to attend a state conference. Kind of like how Utah use to have UEA weekend. Kate has joined the Safety Patrol. She gets to wear a bright yellow belt and a badge and help children cross the street safely. She is very happy about it. She has to be at school half an hour earlier than the rest and stays after as well.
Alex's final day at his old middle school was on Thursday. He shows no emotion about it. When I first told him he was changing schools, he told me no. But I just kept mentioning it to him so he would get use to the idea, and now he is excited to go to the new school. He will start up tomorrow morning, and lucky him, he gets his own school bus which will pick him up right in front of our home.
The Primary Sacrament Meeting Program will be next Sunday. I've got five kids taking part in it. This will be the only time that five of the children together will participate. By the time Seth is in Sunbeams Kate will already be in Young Women's. So, this will be something special. Karsten, Dane, and Emily all have their parts memorized. Kate actually had to write a talk, so hers is a little longer and she thinks it's impossible to memorize. And Alex, well, who knows if he's got it memorized. He probably does, actually, but will never tell me he does. I'm going to make a small poster with his words on it so the congregation can understand what he is saying. He will be turning 12 here in a few weeks. I can't believe he is that old! He is so happy about being able to pass the sacrament. And you know he'll be making sure everyone else is doing it right as well! It's crazy how time passes so quickly. Karsten hardly seems like a little toddler anymore. He's four and a half! I was just thinking of how I miss the two year old stage, when they are walking around and want to try everything and are learning to talk and all. I'm thankful Heavenly Father allowed me to have this experience one last time, as I can't have anymore. The kids are great! Yes, we do have fights, and quarrels, and disagreements amongst them. But, oh well. I loved Elder Bednar's talk that he gave in General Confrence "More Diligent and Concerned at Home". http://lds.org/conference/talk/display/0,5232,23-1-1117-6,00.html When he described the things that their kids did during prayer or FHE, it made me laugh and it sure was comforting to know that we all go through it! Even the apostles have gone through what we are going through trying to raise a family! Anyways.


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Yes it sure was a relief to hear that they struggled too. Bonus points for effort!