"He is there not only when we cry out from the burden of sin but also when we cry out for any other reason." -Bruce D. Porter

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's been one year!

Last year at this time, on General Conference Sunday in October, we brought Seth home from the hospital! He's been home one whole year! I remember the first night he came home, I slept maybe one hour. He was on oxygen and a pulse oximeter and I was afraid it would alarm during the night and I wouldn't hear it, even though his crib was right next to my bed! He's twelve pounds heavier now than he was than and much more mobile. It's been a long stressful year when I think about what we've gone through with just him. At least he sleeps during the night, well he does wake up twice to still eat, but he always goes right back to sleep. He's an alarm clock, though, as he wakes up at 6:30 a.m. every morning, give or take a few minutes. I don't know how he knows, but he does. He still takes to naps a day, though, which gives me a little break. The bruises on the forehead are starting to appear as he tries to climb up to everything, and falls occasionally as well. I love the little guy!


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We love him too! I'm so proud of him!

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OH no! you gave me a good laugh. Maybe it will help my traffic! =)

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