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Monday, October 26, 2009

I Can Guarantee He is Not Always Hungry

Alex has Prader-Willi Syndrome. People with this syndrome are said to have an insatiable appetite and put on weight rapidly. While the rapid weight gain is true, the insatiable appetite is in question. We attended a conference where a study was done and their finding lead them to believe that they do not have an insatiable appetite, merely they are seeking out food because it brings them pleasure. I find this true with many things Alex does. If he likes something, he wants to do again and again and will use the event in his make believe play. For example, church. He loves everything having to do with church. He's obsessed with the Mormon Tab. He plays church with his Little People and every Sunday sits in his room and sings the Hymns. So in the case of food, food definatly brings people pleasure and they seek that out, and because of this we've mistakenly assumed that they have an insatiable appetite. Disclaimer: this is not a theory that is accepted by the PWS Association. This is merely a new theory. But I totally believe it to be true. Besides the research that was done, I have my own proof. On the counter sits eight bananas. Alex will not touch them because they have brown spots on them. He only eats bananas that do not have brown spots. I will not lock those bananas up and I can guarantee they will be there in the morning. Now if Alex was really starving all the time and would eat anything, I would expect him to eat those bananas. But he doesn't and he never has.


4Garrisons said...

very interesting!

Watson & Co. said...

that is neat and funny!
the word verification is ingest...how appropriate haha!

Sandra said...

Listening for the truth,
Looking for the truth,
Pudding is in The "truth".
In your case bananas but it didn't rhyme! The word verification for Tonnia was funny!

WV sonpro

edsajadaha05 said...

oh alex. my word verification: progi
does alex like perogies?