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Friday, July 10, 2009

Come visit us and see some of the fun stuff too!

So I just wanted to post these pics real quick because I think they are so cool. Perhaps the novelty of it all will wear off and I won't think it's so cool in the future, especially after the deer try to eat all my plants. Anyways, this picture is taken looking out to the back yard! At one time we had six deer grazing behing our house. They stay mainly in the wooded area behind our house. The edge of the grass is our property line and then it's undeveloped park land for quite a while. There's even a stream back there where the kids have caught toads!

And this is a picture of the Pentagon! We went there on the fourth of July to watch the fireworks that are shot off at the National Mall. My brother in law works here, well, for now anyways, until they go to Japan. We will be sad not to have had a whole lot of time here with them. But there are going to stay with us for a few weeks in August! Yeah! Anyways, Ed took us on a brief tour inside as he has special priveleges of getting in. I guess it goes with the territory of working there. We have been to the Museum of Natural History and we have plans to go to the zoo. We also hope to visit Ocean City, Maryland as well sometime here in the near future! I hear it's a really nice beach!


tammy lu said...

OMG! I am totally jealous! I would love to be where you are now, but I think Carolyn would die if I took her son away! :) I REALLY want to come for a visit!

edsajadaha05 said...

Umm...Christina, you aren't supposed to take pictures of the Pentagon. Hahaha! You got lucky i guess.

edsajadaha05 said...

That's a good picture though. I love the angles.

Sandra said...

Fun fun fun!

wv spromat

Holly said...

Jill's email is chefjillmckenzie@gmail.com. I assume this is the one she is using. we sure miss you guys!!