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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From our trip to New Mexico

Ok, so I finally have all the millions of pictures that we've taken the last several weeks. The following are from our trip to New Mexico. It takes me forever to do anything on this computer as our fiber optic cable connection is a little screwy. Or maybe it's just this computer and it's user!

Here we are at the Space Museum. As kids we called it the Space Hall of Fame. Then it's name changed to the Space Center. Alas, it has found the name of Space Museum. And yes, it still has the dummy dressed in a space uniform from when we were kids.
The kids taking advantage of the "build your own robot" exhibit, one of the few exhibits that really interested them. This place is still a little over their heads.

Kate and her robot.

Alex's elaborate robot.

Karsten's, don't make me look, robot!

Dane's robot.

For the first several days of our visit we stayed at Matt and Denise's home. The kids loved playing with their two cats. This is a pic of Karacum, I believe, and the other cat's name is Sahara. I miss my Moses.

On cinco de Mayo we bought a pinata for the kids to beat to death.

Hit it Dane!

Kate taking a wack!

Our beautiful Aunt Denise!

Enjoying the candy!
Karsten and his beloved Super Silky. We lost it at Grandma Christensen's house, I wonder if she ever found it?

Our visit to the zoo, which is the perfect size zoo because you can walk through the whole thing in like twenty minutes, about the length of the youngest's attention span. FYI, the Alamogordo Zoo is the oldest zoo in the southwest (and the smallest).

The kids thought it was so funny that Seth could sit in the doll stroller! This stroller makes him look big!

Emily at White Sands National Monument! It's like a beach without the water!

Kate and Dane

Always a hike to get back to the top!

Alex kicking back and talking to Grandma Christensen!

Alex ready to attack someone with a sand clod!
Emily again, how'd she get her picture here twice?

Enjoying some good food while visiting the Dunes!
Taking a train ride at the Toy Train Depot!

Woot! Woo! Engine of love, take me with you baby! (Ok, anyone remember marching to this song?)

Alex had to sit right behind the driver!

We placed pin wheels and flowers on our three angel cousins' burial site~ Kimberlee and Charlene who were twins, and their sister Lynette who was buried in this same spot a couple of years later. In the future the twin's head stone will be flipped over to add Lynette's name as well. They are the sweet babies of my brother Dennis and his wonderful wife Sandra.


4Garrisons said...

oh these pics make me want to visit Alamogordo SO bad!! I especially miss White Sands!!

Kathy said...

Me too! I want to go jusmping off the dunes again. I also miss the star gazing and sunsets of New Mexico. It still stands as my favorite place that we lived growing up and there were quite a few to choose from.

tammy lu said...

OMG! It looks like you guys had a blast! Thanks for the update! But we totally miss you guys here!!!