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Sunday, April 26, 2009

We're all packed up and ready to go!

Today was the big day! We moved everything out of the house and into storage! We pretty much had half our stuff in storage to begin with, and so we just had the rest moved today. Some of Todd's family and many of the Elder's in our ward came to help. We had the trailers and trucks packed in a little less than an hour. We thought our storage unit would be plenty big enough to hold our belongings, but the piano and a few other things had to be brought to Bill and Carolyn's to store in their garage. Everything will stay in storage until Todd gets back. We'll then load it into a moving truck and begin the long trek east. I am looking forward to it. I'm just thinking that it will be a fun adventure and relax and enjoy it all. Our home is also under contract! Yeah! I'm not sure what the exact closing date will be, but hope to find that out soon. Tuesday I leave to go visit good old Alamo. I'm going to stay with Matt and Denise until Mom and Dad get back from D.C. It is a long awaited and much needed vacation! I am excited. I think it's been nearly four years since I've been back there. Our wonderful neighbor, Holly, has adopted Moses. I will miss him. I love you, Moses! He kept coming back inside the house after we took him to Holly's. It will take time, but he will get use to being there.


4Garrisons said...

Oh my goodness! How sad! Glad to hear your house sold though, that is wonderful news.

edsajadaha05 said...

Hey Christina,
want to rent our townhome? Since were moving to Japan and all.
call me!

tammy lu said...

NOOOOOOOO!!!! I threatened those buyers and they didn't listen to me! Now I have to go and buy 5 dozen eggs!

THE GREEN MandMS said...

Do you know where you will be moving?
Marcy Emma and I are in Alexandria Va. We would love to help you on this end. Did I hear right you are coming to this area. VA DC MD

Kathy said...

Say Hello to Alamo for me. It is still one of my favorite places. Hope everything goes well with the move.