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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One thing Grandpa Stailey and Seth will have in common!

Today Seth was fitted for hearing aids. They have many colors available: blue, green, red, yellow, clear. We chose the clear as hearing aids usually last five to seven years. If he still needs them when he's older, he can choose. Hopefully, you never know, he may just grow out of it. But, for now he's been fitted and we should have them here in two weeks! We had to have an ear mold done for the inside of his ears. Those will be clear with blue swirls! I thought I'd do something fun there as we will be changing ear molds a lot as he grows. Now, the trick will be to keep them on.


Kathy said...

Good luck with that keeping them on thing.

tammy lu said...

Now, being that I am a Stailey, I would have thought blue would have been the choice without question! I can't wait to see the difference in him once they are in.

And I will second what Kathy said!

Mindy Stailey said...

That is so exciting! I am always amazed to see him, and how chubby he is! we just love him so much. I wonder if he will like all the new sounds, or if he will be happier when he isn't wearing them. He will get used to them I bet, and then he won't even notice them.

Watson & Co. said...

just think, when he doesn't want to listen, eh can tune you out! HAHA!