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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here's to hoping for the best!

Ok, so I go to the ENT yesterday for a follow up with Seth. By the way, he is 10 lbs 4 oz now! We made it! Anyways, so the doctor is looking at his notes and tells me his last hearing test showed mild to moderate hearing loss. I thought it was just mild, but apparently it's in the mild to moderate range. Oh well. We are going through CT scans and EKGs right now just to get a better understanding of his hearing loss and whether it is related to anything else. I'm not sure when the talk about hearing aids will start, just more running up to Primary Children's for more procedures. I don't mind the drive. The car pretty much drives it's self up there. I just sit back and enjoy the scenery. I never realized just how close down town Salt Lake is to the mountain. I always thought it was more central to the vally, but 'tis not so. We go to the the Neonatal Follow up Clinic on Friday. Next Tuesday is the CT scan and EKG and another visit with ENT. Thursday is the Opthamologist. Sounds crazy, but Seth is doing so well. As time goes by I know we won't need to see the doctors that often. Oh, and he slept through the night last night! I'm hoping he'll return to his previous sleeping habits!
So, Angela, how's the moving going? Are you guys doing a DitY move or is the military moving you? Sarah, have you found us a place yet? Perhaps Tonnia can help, she's already got an ad out for us. Please, no creepy stalker contacts! Hahaha! Have a great day everyone!


Sandra said...

Memories of times when it was Alex. Glad that he can get the care that he needs and that you at the perfect place to have it done. :)


tammy lu said...

YAY!!! He FINALLY got to the big 1-0! plus and extra 4 oz!! And double YAY for sleeping through the night!!!!I bet you really enjoyed that!!