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Monday, April 21, 2008

Staileys are just destined to have boys!

Ok, first of all, let me not alarm you, but early Sunday morning I went to the hospital because I was having some heavier bleeding and passing clots. Ok, so everything is fine. We are just watching and waiting to see what is going to happen. The baby is great and the placenta even looked great, although it is a previa. It was hard to tell where the bleeding was coming from. Perhaps it's still from the subchorionic bleed that's still in the top of my uterus. I'll be happy to say that I haven't bled today at all, so I'm really hoping that was the last of the worst of it. But, we'll just have to see. So when we were at the hospital I had another ultrasound done. (Three in over a weeks time!) And we definatley got to see this time what we are having. And yes, we are having a boy! Todd confided in me later that he really wanted another boy, even though I was hoping for a girl. I am excited about it. The boys were excited to hear it was a boy, but the girls weren't too thrilled. Oh well, I'm sure it will grow on them!


Scott and Megan said...

hey christina, it's Megan, Mindy's sister...sorry I hopped through her blog when I heard that Staileys only have boys :) how funny! Congrats to you and try and take it easy with all the previa stuff :)

4Garrisons said...